PB216 Labels

PB 216 Labels are for your 2 line PB 216 labeler. They come in your choice of white or colored labels. Choose whether you want a plain unprinted label, or one of the printed options below. Removable adhesive labels are available below. Call us if you would like to have your name printed on your labels.
Order labels by the box.
Each box has 10 rolls (1,500 labels per roll) = 15,000 labels per box

PB216 Labels
PB216 Labels Price per box
Price per box
1410White$56.25$50.70$47.85$42.15Add To Cart
1417White w/REG PRICE OUR PRICE$56.25$50.70$47.85$42.15Add To Cart
1418White w/Rem. Adh.$56.25$50.70$47.85$42.15Add To Cart
1420Fluorescent Red$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
1422Fluorescent Red SPECIAL$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
1423Yellow SALE w/Rem. Adh$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
1424Fluorescent Red SALE w/Rem. Adh$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
1430Yellow$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
1440Fluorescent Orange$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
1450Fluorescent Green$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
1451Buff$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
1461Blue$59.85$56.85$50.85$44.85Add To Cart
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