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Avery Dennison Taggers

Avery Dennison Taggers is the industry standard!  Avery Dennison invented high productivity tagging and the tools continue to set industry standards.  Swifttach is available in Standard and fine taggers.  Pistol grip taggers and scissor grip are available.  

Taggers are used to tag soft goods with a needle and fasteners (barbs). Taggers

are available in two basic types - Standard and Fine. Standard tools use standard needles and

fasteners and are used marking items such as towels, pillows, stuffed animals. Fine tools use fine needles and fine fasteners and are used for tagging anything t-shirt thickness or finer.


Extra thick or heavy items, or applications where an extra long needle is needed, heavy duty

needles or extra long needles that fit into standard taggers are available. For extra thick items,

heavy duty taggers and needles are available. All brands of standard fasteners are interchangeable with other taggers as all brands of fine fasteners may be used with any fine tagging gun. Needles may not be interchangeable.