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Everyday Patterns II 100' rolls

Located, stocked and only available from our Denver warehouse. Many favorite patterns available. Save on these “handy to use” cutter rolls  that measure 24” x 100’. All are priced at one low price of $21.00 a roll and only available in the Denver Warehouse.  If not available in Denver these same great patterns may be ordered at regular giftwrap pricing. 

Everyday Patterns II 100' rolls

Baby Blues - M6242DS

Bridal Shower - M5431DS

Baby Monkey's Reversible - M6237DS

Gold Ultra Gloss - E6850DS

Bling Rouge - M6235DS

Crouching Tiger - M6226DS

Deco Tile - M5422DS

Play Ball - E3188DS

Golf Graphic - M5415DS

Wedding Brocade - M6236DS

Sweet Treat - M4195DS

Bubble Stripe - M4196DS

Leather Jacket - M6259DS

Baby Plaid - M6265DS

Climbing Vine - M6271DS

Mod Chain - M6286DS

Baby Blues - M6242DS 562CM6242DS
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