Turn O Matic Systems

Give your clients a stress free shopping experience. T-O-M (Turn O Matic) systems helps you give your customers more personalized service and gives them peace of mind knowing that their place in line is secure. Once your customer has taken a ticket, they are free to continue shopping. This makes their waiting time more productive for them and you and they will often buy more high margin impulse items.
32002 includes: Two-Digit indicator with bar-segmented numbers and black housing, 3 pushbuttons | D80 Red Ticket Dispenser | Counter Stand for dispenser | Take-A-Number Sign for Dispenser (English) |12v, 20va Transformer | 100 feet wire, 20 gauge.
    332011 includes:  Two-Digit indicator with bar-segmented numbers and black housing | Electrical Adapter plug-in Set 1P | Pushbutton "±" plug-in Set | D90 Red/Gray Ticket Dispenser | Take-A-Number Sign for Dispenser (English) | Counter Stand for dispenser | 6 rolls T90 Tickets (4000 per roll)

TOM tickets  are located here.

There are many more individual components and configurations available. For more Turn-O-Matic options, just give us a call at 800-426-5708.
Turn O Matic Systems
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