Merchandise Strips

Merchandise Strips to hang, clip, and display small items in your retail store for easy impulse buying with these metal and plastic strips.
Choose from 4 different options:
1.  Clip your product onto these Galvanized metal strips.  Item number 45R4412 has 12 clips per strip.
2.  Clip your product onto these Galvanized metal strips with 15 clips per strip (item number 45R4415).
3.  Item Number 45R3014 is a lightweight strip designed to hang lightweight products that have holes punched into a header.  It is sold in packs of 50 and the hook is included with the strip.
4.  Use clips that are sold separately with this heavyweight plastic molded strip - item number 45R1612.  Sold in packs of 100.  See hooks  (item number 45R242) that can be used with this heavyweight plastic strip.
Merchandise Strips
Merchandise Strips Price Pack
Price Pack
45R4412Metal-32" x.206" diam, 12 clips - galv$3.28$3.11$2.95Add To Cart
45R4415Metal-39" x.206" diam, 15 clips - galv$4.05$3.85$3.64Add To Cart
45R1612Heavyweight Plastic 24"x1" 12 clips, clear 100/pk$55.32$49.79$49.79Add To Cart
45R3014Light Plastic 22 3/8"x1 1/4" 12 clips, clear 50/pk$10.89$9.91$9.80Add To Cart
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