Meto 1600 Series Labels

Labels for your Meto 1600 series one line labeler. They come in your choice of white or colored labels. Labels with "Grocery" printed on them are available in white. Call us 800-426-5708 if you would like to have your name printed on your labels.
Order labels by the box.
Each box has 10 rolls (1,650 labels per roll) = 16,500 labels per box
Meto 1600 Series Labels
Meto 1600 Series Labels Price per box
Price per box
2320Fluorescent Red$55.20$49.76$43.84$38.72Add To Cart
 2330Yellow$55.20$49.76$43.84$38.72Add To Cart
Price per box
 2310White$50.88$45.76$40.32$35.52Add To Cart
 2311White Grocery$50.88$45.76$40.32$35.52Add To Cart
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