Gridwall Panels

Adjustable and lends itself to the creative and innovative! Use Gridwall for your permanent fixtures and temporary displays. Looking to make your display more stable by adding a base or legs? Just click here to view our selection. All components sold separately.
    Gridwall Panel specifications:
Constructed from 1/4" diameter rod in a 3" on center mesh. Finished in Chrome, Black or White.   Please note: 1 x 5  panels must be ordered in increments of 3 panels.
    Gridwal panels will be shipped VIA common carrier. Freight will be quoted separately. You will be notified of the freight amount.
    Legs Sold Separately
Gridwall Panels
Gridwall Panels Price ea.
Price ea.
66024C2ft x 4ftChrome$22.23$21.12$20.06Add To Cart
66024B2ft x 4ftBlack$18.79$17.85$16.96Add To Cart
66024W2ft x 4ftWhite$18.79$17.85$16.96Add To Cart
66025C2ft x 5ftChrome$32.29$30.68$29.14Add To Cart
66025B2ft x 5ftBlack$27.65$26.26$24.95Add To Cart
66025W2ft x 5ftWhite$27.65$26.26$24.95Add To Cart
66026C2ft x 6ftChrome$33.87$32.18$30.57Add To Cart
66026B2ft x 6ftBlack$29.64$28.16$26.75Add To Cart
66026W2ft x 6ftWhite$29.64$28.16$26.75Add To Cart
66027C2ft x 7ftChrome$35.18$33.42$31.75Add To Cart
66027B2ft x 7ftBlack$30.42$28.90$27.45Add To Cart
66027W2ft x 7ftWhite$30.42$28.90$27.45Add To Cart
66028C2ft x 8ftChrome$58.00$55.10$52.34Add To Cart
66028B2ft x 8ftBlack$58.00$55.10$52.34Add To Cart
66028W2ft x 8ftWhite$58.00$55.10$52.34Add To Cart
66044C4ft x 4ftChrome$39.49$37.51$35.64Add To Cart
66044B4ft x 4ftBlack$34.30$32.58$30.95Add To Cart
66044W4ft x 4ftWhite$34.30$32.58$30.95Add To Cart
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